We are giants

As a kid, I remembered thinking that my parents were giants and that I was so little. I couldn’t even reach the sink without a little stool. I always thought that I would never grow as big as my giant parents. I love the way this picture captured how our son sees us as giants.


Urban Junkyard

Today my mom came over to visit Ethan. Since we just got some new patio furniture, we decided to make Korean BBQ. While waiting in the car, I noticed that we were parked right next to a junkyard. I took this opportunity to take my photo of the day.

So Toony!

I had to cheat on my photo of the day today. We went to San Diego’s Chinese New Year Festival, but unfortunately, I made the rookie mistake of leaving all of my compact flash cards at home. (I know, I know.) I had to dig into my archive and chose this cute picture I took for one of my best friends at Disneyland’s Toon Town. Since the picture was a little zany, I saturated the photo a bit more to give it a comical look and feel and I really liked the way it turned out!

Beautiful Girl

Today I joined a Meetup.com group of new mothers at Balboa Park. It was such a great experience since all of the babies were so similar in age. Balboa Park is also such a beautiful place to take pictures. Unfortunately, I was unable to walk around and capture as many images as I would’ve liked. On the bright side, I did meet beautiful baby Jeanette and her mother Lily.  Jeanette is only 7 weeks old but was very alert and always looking around. I was able to capture the light in her eyes along with a partial smile.