Urban Junkyard

Today my mom came over to visit Ethan. Since we just got some new patio furniture, we decided to make Korean BBQ. While waiting in the car, I noticed that we were parked right next to a junkyard. I took this opportunity to take my photo of the day.

So Toony!

I had to cheat on my photo of the day today. We went to San Diego’s Chinese New Year Festival, but unfortunately, I made the rookie mistake of leaving all of my compact flash cards at home. (I know, I know.) I had to dig into my archive and chose this cute picture I took for one of my best friends at Disneyland’s Toon Town. Since the picture was a little zany, I saturated the photo a bit more to give it a comical look and feel and I really liked the way it turned out!

Beautiful Girl

Today I joined a Meetup.com group of new mothers at Balboa Park. It was such a great experience since all of the babies were so similar in age. Balboa Park is also such a beautiful place to take pictures. Unfortunately, I was unable to walk around and capture as many images as I would’ve liked. On the bright side, I did meet beautiful baby Jeanette and her mother Lily.  Jeanette is only 7 weeks old but was very alert and always looking around. I was able to capture the light in her eyes along with a partial smile.