Generation iPhone


My husband’s friend, Dorothy and her son Micah came for a visit last week. I haven’t been around a lot of younger children and it amazes me how they make me feel so old. Micah was playing with the iPhone like a pro. I remember when the first generation of iPhones came out, I didn’t rush out to get one and when I was handed an iPhone to use for the first time, I had no idea what to do with it. I know its only a matter of time that Ethan will make me feel old.


2 thoughts on “Generation iPhone

    • I’ve tried Talking Tom with my almost four month old. He seems to be a bit curious about it. I’ve tried other “baby” apps but I don’t know if what is on the screen really matters. He’s more amazed by moving objects (like my screensaver). Ideally, I would like to keep him away from TV and other gadgets until he’s a bit older…except that a morning dose of Sesame Street is the trick to let me shower every morning in peace.

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