The Sweetest Thing

Our nightly routine consists of a bath and a bottle. Usually, Mike is the bather and I’m the feeder since we had to transition him from breast to bottle. Ethan just refuses to eat from anyone other than me. We decided to him Mike give it a try tonight since we need to get Ethan used to me not being around when I go back to work. I was able to snap this picture standing just outside the room. There are so many things wrong with this picture, but I still love it. I had to crop a majority of it because there was just too much clutter in the background, the lights were dimmed low so this photo is pretty noisy, low light also accounts for the blur. But I love this picture because I know we’ll look back and say, “remember how we put him to bed each night in that rocking chair?” The good news is, I should have a lot of opportunities at getting the perfect shot, since it is a nightly routine and all.


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