Exposure Experiment: Day 1

Today I experimented with getting the correct exposure. I started by metering to my grey card and setting the custom white balance off the grey card. I normally shoot in aperture priority, but switched to full manual today so I’d have more control and not have to worry about the metering method quite as much. The photo above was straight out of the camera with no edits. I also played around with using back button focusing, which enabled me to change my shutter speed on the fly. I was using natural light, and today was a partially cloudy day so the lighting was sporadic. I probably would’ve changed my aperture and not shoot so wide open since I was so close to him. The DOF was so shallow, it looks like I only got the tip of his nose. Since my focus today was on exposure, how did I do?


5 thoughts on “Exposure Experiment: Day 1

  1. Nice shot. Looks professional with the blurred background. When the little one starts moving around a bit more, you might want to experiment with the bracketing function. You can set the shutter to slow or fast continuous, so you’ll get two or three shots quickly at different exposures. That’ll increase your chances of at least one coming out right.

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