Dusty Skates

We took a little road trip to Julian today, which is a quaint little town about an hour east of San Diego. The scenery is quite nice, but instead of getting a nice landscape photo, I landed upon these skates. We got to Julian just in time for lunch and dined at Miner’s Diner. It had an old diner feel, and it even boasted that it had the original olde-fashion soda fountain (whatever that means). Ethan got a bit antsy so I started walking around the place and stumbled upon these skates that were hanging on a wall near the front window. The lighting made it a perfect candidate for my week of exposure experiment, and I was happy with the way it turned out.


3 thoughts on “Dusty Skates

  1. I have not read your post, but I look at the photo. It gives me the feeling of the princess who left her empire. It´s a bit sad, but it also gives me the feeling of fantasy, of a story to be told. You woke up my imagination 🙂
    NOW I have read the post. It is very different to what the picture gave me. I guess I have to read your blog for a while, follow it, to know who Ethan is, to get involved. But the pic is wonderful!

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