One Weekend

We spent this past weekend in Los Angeles visiting friends and family. It was the first time that we stayed with Ethan in a hotel room and he did great most of the time. We spent Saturday morning cuddling in bed and I took a few pictures of us. We had natural light from the window, but very little. I’m all about getting a good photo but I did not want to drag myself out of bed (my camera is always within reach though). I placed the camera on my knee and put it on manual focus since it was so dark it wouldn’t auto focus. I just guesstimated how far away I thought I was and utilized the manual focus distance guide while trying to convert from meters to feet in my head. Then I snapped away. I don’t have very many pictures with my son since I’m typically on the other side of the camera, so I’m glad this shot came out as good as it did.


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