Carlsbad Flower Fields – Part II

It has been a while since my last post, and it might be a few more days before my next post. I’ve been commissioned to help out a good friend with some wedding things so that’s where all of my free time has gone lately.

Today we went to the Carlsbad Flower Fields again. It was such a nice day, but because of that, there were people everywhere and it was hard to get a good shot. The fields have a tiny built-in area where you can walk inside the flowers. It looks like you’re surrounded by the flowers when, in fact, you’re actually only a few feet in. We went at noon, which was probably the worse possible time to go to take photos. In addition, I don’t have a lot of experience shooting in direct sunlight. This was the best photo of the few that I liked. Next time, I’ll try to go early in the morning…and perhaps on a weekday.


One thought on “Carlsbad Flower Fields – Part II

  1. Yes, I also find high-noon in direct sunlight to be a challenge, but I think you pulled it off quite nicely here. In fact, the skylight I think helps make this photo as it really illuminates all the surrounding flower and flower bokeh.

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