Backlighting – Part II

Here’s another photo I took today at roughly the same time as yesterday. I took this at about 6 p.m. and the sun was still a bit high. I’m not too sure how my white balance is in this photo…any thoughts? After I put Ethan to bed today I went out to grab some dinner and noticed that there was still plenty of light left at 7 p.m. I’m going to have to wait for the time change again before I can really use Ethan as my model for sunset photos. He was getting pretty impatient today even though he had his toy to keep him occupied.


3 thoughts on “Backlighting – Part II

  1. This is excellent, Pam, especially since you were able to keep the backlighting and keep the face from being shadowed which I find to be the chief challenge in this technique. I like the WB as it is warm and bright enough without blowing out the bokeh. I’m assuming you are shooting in RAW? If so, you can toggle through various WBs to see if like the other tonings. I’m thinking that anything much cooler might darken a bit too much.

    • Thanks Brandon. I’m uncalibrated so I’m always a little bit cautious about my colors. Although, I’m not sure if it’ll make a big difference if I were. I’m always concerned that what looks good on my screen doesn’t look as good elsewhere. I’m starting to realize, though, that its not always about getting the colors right as it is about making the colors work for the image.

  2. I agree with Brandon — play with the white balance and see what you like. I’ve taken to always shooting with daylight white balance (in RAW) and adjusting as I see fit. Sometimes I try to reproduce the actual color of a scene, sometimes I throw real colors out the window and go with something I like. It’s simply personal taste IMO šŸ™‚

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